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Philippines – Likhaan

Likhaan, founded in 1995, is a non-government organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting and pushing for the health and rights of marginalized women and their communities. The issues they engage in include women’s empowerment, universal access to the highest attainable standard of health care, primary health care, maternal mortality, contraception, unsafe abortion, and patients’ rights.

Website: http://www.likhaan.org/

Indonesia – YKP

Women’s Health Foundation (Yayasan Kesehatan Perempuan) was founded in 2001 as a not-for-profit social welfare institution concerned with women’s reproductive health issues.

Website: http://ykesehatanperempuan.org

Maldives – Society for Health Education

Established in 1988, the Society for Health Education (SHE) adopts an integrated approach to health education and service delivery and its role includes increasing the accessibility of services and using the media for education and communication.

Website: http://she.org.mv/

Nepal – Beyond Beijing Committee

Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC) was formed as a loose network soon after the UN Fourth World Conference on Women at Beijing in September 1995. BBC envisions a society where women and girls lead equitable and dignified lives, contributing to sustainable peace and development of the people and advancement of the nation.

Website: http://www.beyondbeijing.org/

Mongolia – MONFEMNET

MONFEMNET is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organization, with a mission to serve as a strong driving force for the development of a national, broad-based, democratic, sustainable and transformative movement for women’s human rights, gender equality, substantive democracy and social justice.

Website: http://www.monfemnet.org/

Malaysia – FRHAM

The Federation of Reproductive Health Associations is a federation of 13 State Member Associations was established in 1958. They work on family planning and responsible parenthood, promoting and supporting effective family planning and sexual and reproductive health services.

Website: http://www.frham.org.my/

Laos – University of Health Sciences

Established in 2001, the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Health Sciences, Vientiane Capital City, Laos is responsible for higher education of public health-related fields.

Website: http://www.vycenter.org/

Pakistan – Shirkat Gah

Initiated as a small voluntary women’s collective in Pakistan in 1975, Shirkat Gah has evolved into a leading women’s rights organization that operates out of all four of Pakistan’s provinces. Their strategic approach is to strengthen women as rights’ holders, reorient their immediate community actors to be more supportive and responsive, and to promote a conducive policy framework.

Website: http://shirkatgah.org/

Sri Lanka – WMC

The Women and Media Collective was formed in 1984 by a group of Sri Lankan feminists interested in exploring ideological and practical issues of concern to women in Sri Lanka.

Website: http://womenandmedia.org/

Thailand – MAP Foundation

MAP Foundation started in 1996, as grouping of local organisations joined together to try to respond to the needs of Burmese migrant workers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Website: http://www.mapfoundationcm.org/

Vietnam – CCHIP

Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population is a non-government, non-profit organisation with over 10 years of experience in doing research, intervention, capacity building, publication and advocacy in the fields of sexuality, sexual and reproductive health, rights, gender and gender-based violence.

Website: http://ccihp.org/

India – RUWSEC

Rural Women’s Social Education Centre is a non-governmental organisation working for women’s health and reproductive rights, founded in 1981 by 13 women, 12 of whom were Dalit women.

Website: http://www.ruwsec.org/

China – YHDRA

The Yunnan Health and Development Research Association was founded in 1994, and consists of medical and social science researchers, to promote equal health development to everybody.

Website: http://www.yhdra.org/

Cambodia – RHAC

The Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia was established in 1996 with a strong determination to bring quality health services to the community; in particular to the poor and vulnerable sections of the population.

Website: http://www.rhac.org.kh/

Bangladesh – Naripokkho

Naripokkho is a membership-based, women’s activist organisation founded in 1983 working for the advancement of women’s rights and entitlements and building resistance against violence, discrimination and injustice.

Website: http://www.naripokkho.org.bd/