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Access to Maternal Health Services

A safe pregnancy – from conception to childbirth and post-natal care – is essential to every woman, and is an integral part of their dignified and healthy well-being. This is the responsibility of governments, who must ensure that women do not die or experience poor quality of life resulting from the complications of pregnancy. A strong political will is required to prevent maternal mortality and morbidity, which violate a woman’s right to life.

Governments and healthcare providers should also explore reasons for maternal deaths, and ensure that the learning outcomes of those explorations are then used to minimise losses in the future, mainly through making it part of the routine healthcare provision process.

East Asia sub-region has the lowest maternal mortality rate in the region, with South Asia second, closely followed by the Oceania region.

Focus should be paid (through trained medical professionals providing antenatal care visits) to vulnerable groups within the pregnant population, including adolescent pregnant women who are more susceptible to maternal mortality and morbidity conditions.

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